Exitvibes creates trance in the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene,  and produces meditative music to activate the deeper parts of the brain!

Listen to my next release! Voice of Summer will release on MetroSound Records at 29 of July.

This is my first tune, with Micheller Myrtill’s vocal, a brilliant Hungarian jazz vocalist. It recorded at 2005, and remixed it at 2013.
This is the happiest summer music!

Listen to my latest release on MetroSound Records!

With Exitvibes feat. Mirjam – Rising Away (Original Mix) find your emotional balance in listening to this tune and think for a minute about the sustainability of our world. The brilliant trance chords and the bright voice of Mirjam can help you with this.
 Listen to “Exitvibes – Deepmo” below, which is contains the sound of the Universe!

This unique creation meant to demonstrate Exitvibes’s deep mood (Deepmo). It can open to the gates of your mind, if you can tune on it. While listening, try to imagine your visualization, pictures and colors on your own screen. Enjoy it!